More Spice than Sugar.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 4 of my Spring "Break".

Well day 4 is in the can. I painted all day yesterday. all of the window and door trim in a 1900 s.f. house. Yep awesome fun. Not to mention I scraped a few window panes from where we got paint on them too. Then I got ready an dwent to town. I picked up Trey and we met JD at Costa Del Sol for some yummy mexican. Trey can put back some tortitas, queso and salsa. Then eat cheesy quesadilla. We went to Lowe's and got the hardware so I can hang my curtains. We put a couple up last night and we put of the cornice boards, it looks amazing. I love how all the colors go great together and are perfect and we never even tried to color match. lol. From all that climbing on step stools and bending and squatting to the floor and up again to paint yesterday I was really tired and a little sore last night. Then when I went to sleep I had horrid cramps in both my calves 2 times last night. ugh. I hate when you get cramps in your legs that bad because even when they are gone the muscles are still sore. I need to take it easy today. I hope we will be through painting very very soon because Trey wants to help. He wants to help so bad. He begs to help. He has through this whole process he just wants to do what were doing. Today is me trying to get the curtains put up then to the dentist for a little temporary fix (cause they cant do anything cause I am with child hehe) then lunch with momma then off to Prissy's for a YW sleepover. We are making chinese food. I am making sushi and my homemade egg rolls. JD and Trey are having a Trey and Daddy night. awwwwww.