More Spice than Sugar.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wed - Day 3 of Spring "break"

Trey was better and decided he should go to school. Which was good for me getting things accomplished accept I am totally unmotivated. I did get the guestroom finished (mainly, accept for the little things JD jas to help me with then I can vaccuum and put sheets on the bed) I got almost all the laundry done, ok a big chunk. I got the kitchen cleaned up and mailed Trey's invites for his birthday party ( at least the ones I have addresses for). Momma made JD Lima beans and rice which is one of his favorites and I can stomach it so I made myself a little chicken divan. Mmmmm JD hates it so it was a good night for it. We both got to doing touch up painting on the trim and got a good amount done.

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