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Monday, March 8, 2010

What a wild ride! and the befores and afters, *warning* Picture overload

The past few weeks have been crazy! I guess it started 2 weeks ago. We started moving everything out of our house into a huge semi trailor we rented to put in the yard. We were remodeling! We moved everything out and pulled up carpet and stripped very determined and cranky wallpaper and pulled up trim and well we redid everything. We stayed at Momma and Daddy's for a week while we had different people come in and do their thing. I have to give credit where its due and JD had it all planned out to a -T- and it all actually went as planned suprisingly! We redid the Living room and dining room and hall and what will be Newbies room. We also painted the wall in the kitchen and replaced the hardware on the cabinets. We will get to the floor in there later. JD had it all planned out perfectly! Way to go baby. We moved back in Sat. and it is georgeous, it feels like we are in a totally different house. It went from lime sherbert green on the floor and walls to a nice neutral floor and wall color. It all blends so well with the rocks on the fireplace. Then to top it all off we got sick lol. Trey got sich last wed night. He threw up all night but was fine pretty much all day Thursday. Meme was sick sat night then I got my version sun night. I never did throw up but was sooo nauseated and had fevers and hard chills all night. I have had a little diareah but I guess I am starting to feel better but the ole tummy is still pretty sensitive right now. I told JD I had not thrown up once in this whole pregnancy and did not want to start now for something that wasnt even pregnany related. So far my record still holds good. I am just setting in my beautiful "new" house. Trey misses Meme's garden tub and her automatic toothpaste putter-onner. He loved those things.
~The Befores~
The kitchen
Living Room and Dining room.
The rented semi trailor that we moved everything into. I loved having that gator in my yard. Hey can we rent that for football season?

JD, Trey and Wes pulling up carpet. Trey was such a big help lol.

See I told you he was a big help.

~The Afters~

The Hallway.

The living room.

Looking into the dining room from the living room.

The Kitchen

Newbies room (better known as the nursery)

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~*~toni~*~ said...

Pics, please, of your "new" home! So sorry you have all been sick!!! LOVES to you all!!