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Friday, February 12, 2010

Due Date!

January - Newbie's expected arrival date is August 25. Ahhhhh I will be 9 months pregnant in the very worse heat of FL summer and 2 days after school starts back. What was I thinking? Oh yea I didnt plan this. Heavenly Father knows more than me repeat that with me. lol. Poor Karen is sick as a dog and now in the hospital with Kidney stones. I pray for her every night that she will get over all this quickly so she can enjoy this time of her life.

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~*~toni~*~ said...

Aug.23 is good. I'm sooo excited for you but, I feel sorry for the nurses in the hospital you'll be delivering.....JUST KIDDING! We used to see gals due in Aug coming in EVERY day cause they were soooo tired of being hot and pregnant! Yeah...It must be cuz Our Father wanted that baby to be here (at that time) for a reason! (Cuz who in their right mind would PLAN a baby in Aug)? Well then again....are you ever in your right mind?