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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Feb 16 - I saw a baby, legs, arms everything.

I had my OB appt today and on the U/S it was awesome! I saw, for the first time, a baby with all the parts of a baby, legs, arms, a head, fingers. It was beautiful and amazing. That is the first U/S where everything looks like a realy baby not a lizard or some blob but a baby. It has been hard for me to FEEL pregnant because I havent had any morning sickness or really any signs of pregnancy and since it was a suprise its been hard to really think of myself as pregnant but that helped to see a baby in there. Now to find out if I have a little Lola Sophia (who we will call Sophie) or an Anderson Major ( who we will call Major). To me and JD when you can call it by name then it really feels real.

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~*~toni~*~ said...

OH!!!! I am sooooo glad you chose Lola Sophia for a girl!!! That's the one I liked!!!! I hope you get a girl but in the will not matter!!!