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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Trey's 1st field trip.

Trey went on his first field trip today. His class at daycare went to the pumpkin patch at the Methodist Church. I got to go with him. I am so glad I have a job where I can take a few hours off and do things like that with him. I had a blast. He got tired about the middle of the visit (he didnt sleep good and I cant wait until we get his tonsils out so he can get some good restful sleep) which made him cranky. But we had fun. When we first arrived we had story time. They told us about where the pumpkins are grown and how they get to Fl. Then read a cute story. Then they got to wander through the patch and pick up the pumpkins and touch them. I tried to get pics but at that point Trey was through dealing. We had one other child in our group. It just happened to be Zoie, Trey's sweetheart. He just loves her. They got to hold hands and set together and set together on the bus. Trey said his favorite part of the trip was riding the bus. Go figure. lol. They looked so tiny on that big ole bus. The tires were bigger than the kids. We went back to the pumpkin patch after I picked him up from school. I got some better pictures at that point. It was a beautiful fall day, about 80 degrees..

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