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Friday, October 23, 2009

Trey fell out of the bed.

Trey fell out of the bed, So what you ask? Well I was awakened this morning at 3 a.m. by Trey screaming and crying. I assumed he was having another nightmare. I went to his room and he was lying on the bed holding his neck. He was saying his neck hurt so bad and he couldnt move it. He was hysterical. He said he had fallen out of the bed. He wanted to go to my bed but didnt want me to pick him up or move him or touch him. I was getting scared. He finally let me pick him up and put him in our bed. I thought if it was a crink in his neck from sleeping wrong stretching it out to put his head on my shoulder would help. Nope. I laid him in our bed and calmed him down a little after a while. I didnt really kno what to do. I wanted to try to move it thinking if it was a crink it would help to move it but I know you shouldnt move people with a neck injury. I wanted to give him tylenol but was unsure of that too. I didnt want to mask any pain if we had to take him somewhere. It was looking like we were headed to the ER. I would rather cut my own arm off with a ball point pen that take him to the ER with all the pigs flying around and us deciding nott o get him vaccinated for H1N1. Anyway I thought to call Dr. Morse cause i knew he would shoot me straight but not be panicky (but has kids so he would "get it") so I calle dhim at 3:30 am. (I owe ya by the way!) He said not to go to the ER but to ice it (Trey loves to put ice on boo boo's) and give him tylenol and he suspected he slept wrong on it. If he did it would be better by morning when it was normal time to get up. So we iced it and tried to sleep. Trey would go to sleep but them when he would stop breathing due to his sleep apnea his body would jerk and that would make his neck hurt so he'd start crying. Also when I laid him down I laid him right on the edge of the bed and then he wouldnt let us move him soooo, you guessed it I had about 6 inches of bed to sleep on. *sigh* Anyway we woke up this am and he was no better at all. Wouldnt let us even talk about moving it wouldnt/couldnt walk etc. So off to the Ped we go. We were there when they opened and they soon filled up with patients. They saw us very soon with no appointment. With the promise of a purple popsicle and administering some medicine they did get a little more movement out of him than we could but not much. 2 Dr's later they decided it probably was not broken but badly strained / sprained but wanted to have xrays anyway due to the pain he was in. So off we go to the hospital. We didnt have to go to the ER part but went straight in to the radiology part and then almost straight in to get the xrays. By now the meds were kicking in and he did great. When Trey found out Tebow had to have xrays too he was a big man! lol. (I wish Tebow could know how often we envoke his name to help us get Trey through something! If he only knew lol!) The Dr called back within an hour and said no breaks but gave us a Rx for a soft neck brace to help until he wasnt so sore anymore and could move his neck better on his own. So I had to take the day off work (on a teachers workday, those are the easy ones!!!! wahhhh!) Trey is sleeping off a bowl of grits 5 pieces of bacon a keg of milk a few bites of hashbrown and some iboprofen right now. He will be fine but he will have a sore neck and head for a few days probably. sigh - never a dull moment!


Kasey said...

Poor fella!

Karen said...

Poor little dude!! You did everything right!! Chances were pretty slim he broke anything but you never know. Do you need anything?? Love ya'll