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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Oh good grief !

Will we ever get well and healthy? Sheesh. I know people with 2x the number of children we have that have less accidents and illness then we do. Trey got sick Wednesday night after trunk or treat. He threw up from 9:30 pm until 5 am. EVERY 15 MINUTES. Literally. It was awful. Then of course since no one gets sick in my presence alone I got it Friday night. I had it less severe. I was sick one night and pretty much fine saturday once I slept off the Phenergran. J.D. got it Saturday night. We went to Karen and Justin's house for the Gator vs. Georgia game (goooo Gators ~ another win!) then took Trey trick or treating a little as JD was starting to feel it comin on so we cut the merriment short and headed home. He made it home with out having to put to use any of the bags Karen gave us (whew!) but didnt fare so well through the night. He is still sleeping. Me and Trey are fine though. After the neck incident and now all 3 of us being sick I just want to say this is why I never take vitamins long. They never seem to do me any good. I always catch everything coming down the line. I have been so careful with the hand sanitizer and trying to talk to trey about washing hands and eating good and taking his vitamins and where did ti get us? sick. ugh. I think Vitamins are a bunch of crock!

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~*~toni~*~ said...

Sorry you been sick! I have too! Gettin' better though. I sure hope I get to see you and your cute little family in Feb! I'm definitely coming.....ticket is already bought!