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Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's Mothers Day Weekend (wink wink)

Remember I've been really slack about blogging and am in a time machine catching up? Play along. SO its mother day weekend and it is wonderful! The whole weekend is great! Saturday afternoon me JD and Trey went in the "monster truck" (thats what Trey calls JD's truck) to see how the rivers are going down from the flood then we went to the park in Ft White to play. That is a really nice park and we had the whole park to ourselves. We all played on the equiptment we raced we did it all. We were burning up and tired and just over all loving life. This boy is absolutely fearless! Completely, but in a smart way.

A little spring training to get Trey and Daddy ready for football season.

Trey won this race.
Ummm and this one too. I'm seeing a trend.

JD took me to ACE Hardware in Ft White and I got to get some more herbs for the back yard. I got some cilantro, and chives (real chives not the stupid garlic chives I keep getting ugh) and more tomatoes, some bell peppers, yelllow (my fav) and green and pumpkin seeds (stay tuned for that exciting announcement). We came home and started planting. We got everything planted. Trey and Papa played some while we planted but Trey really got into helping me plant the pumpkins. We made seperate hills and planted 5 seeds in each hill. I poked the holes and Trey got to count out the seeds and place one in each hole then gently scrape the dirt back over. He loved doing that. I am glad he enjoyed it so that when we start getting pumpkins he can feel a real ownership of them and know he did that. That night he fell fast asleep in his bean bag chair watching the Orange and Blue spring gator game that JD had DVR'd.

Then Sunday (Mothers Day) we got awakened by the most handsome alarm clock in the world. Saying "Mommy Daddy is it bright and sunny outside yet?" that is our usual wake up call. He then hops on the bed peeks out the blinds and declares, "Nope not yet, almost." And will lay down and usually want cartoons. I cant think of a better way to be awakened on Mothers Day or any other day for that matter. I got a wonderful card that day it was beautiful. I also got a great candle holder that Trey had made me a few weeks ago at Primary activity day. Here they are ready to go to Activity day! It is a mason jar that he painted lady bugs on and blue flowers and yellow dots then a small glass holder sets on the mouth and you put the candle in that. I also got a cute pot with the greatest flower coming out cause it has a pic of Trey in it! He made this at daycare.We went to lunch at Momma and Daddy's. It was wonderful full of chick food like shrimp salad, carrot salad, spinach salad that was delicious with feta cheese and blueberries ( it is suprising but an incredible combo!), jello salad and an ice cream bomb with angel good cake for dessert. Momma and Daddy gave me a pic of the whole fam in a frame. Everybody was in a very good mood the whole weekend and it was absolutely marvelous. Makes me proud and over joyed to be the mother to my Son. Thank you JD and Trey!!!

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