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Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday - Blog of the day.

Did you know I had a blog of the day? Well I do as of ummmm, today. You all must read this blog. God has comended you read it. Why would God comand you read this blog? Cause he writes it. Thats right folks God-Has-A-Blog and it is hilarious. I love it and you will to cause I said. Read it with an open mind. I LIke to picure God as having a rockin sense of humor and just being jolly (in a very holy way but jolly none the less) and the God that writes this blog is certainly jolly and very human and au natural. I love it. It makes me laugh. You have to read it consistantly though because there are so many running jokes you have to read it to get. Like He is always pulling pranks on Moses like hiding Moses' staff. It really ticks Moses off. He has a dog named Bandit. Just go read it and read i about every other day. Yes I know you are busy and I am too but hey "All work and no play makes a very blah homeboy." or maybe it's not a quote but close.

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