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Thursday, May 21, 2009

When it rains it pours. No really it's pouring.

I am building an ark. Want a ticket? It has been raining for 4 days. Not sprinkling or overcast but toad strangeling rain. 4 whole days. That is just the beginning. Tuesday when I left work I ran out of gas. On Main Street. Yep on Main Street 5:00 rush hour traffic in the rain. My sweet, wonderful husband came right over and put a little gas in the car. It wouldnt crank. He put more in still wouldnt crank. Again in the rain. Again, no crank. So JD and a nice man came and pushed me through the intersection, in the rain, just to get me out of the road. With all of this trying to crank me and pushing me out of the road the battery was dying. Soooo JD tried to give me a jump. Didnt work. No crank. So we drove to the gas station to get more gas. Trey leaned over put his hand on my leg and said, "Mommy cheer up, it'l be ok". Out of the mouths of babes. Anyway~so it wouldnt crank and JD decided he needed to pull me to the fix it place. Weeeeeell he got on the ground, did I mention in the rain?, and looked to find a hook to hook to. There wasnt one. Yep no way to pull my car. So we had to call a tow truck. They tow it to the garage. Great. We go home to find 3 leaks in the cieling. Niiiice. See when it rains it pours. So JD got up in the attic and found the leaks. Then up on the roof to caulk them for short term. The next day Wed. JD called me to say he had an update on the car. When the tow truck guy came he secured the my car to the truck in the front but didnt secure it in the back so when he would stop it would roll forward and bang against the cab of his truck. So now I have scrapes and gashes and dents on my grill and bumper. Yes they are going to fix it but still that is more time I dont have a car. Plus about $800 to fix the original problem. *sigh* JD got back on the roof last night and fixed the roof. WHATA MAN! Fixed it. All himself in the rain. Yes it is still raining. Still. So maybe it will stop pouring and just rain. The roads are so bad I cant get down Herlong in Momma and Daddy's car. Too low. The dogwood tree in our yard had a huge limb break. The wind has been blowing to almost trpoical strength too. Hopefully it will dry up by Memorial day and we can have a good weekend and Memorial Day. Here's hoping.

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