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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Today is April 18, 2009 (just go with it ok?)

So because I have not been able to blog or post pics lately I will start from where I was and pretent it is that day so today is Saturday April 18, 2009. Trey's bday party. It was a wonderful day today. The weather could not have been any more perfect if I could have ordered it. It was sunny was just overcast enough not to be sweltering. The grass even seemed greener. Beth dressed up in an incredible pirate costume as a suprise for everyone, including me.

I decorated the tables with white paper and had a large red "X" in the middle and had the dotted line running like a runner down the middle of the table.

We had hot dogs and hamburgers and potato salad and Trey's favorite fruit, strawberries and grapes. We had chips and dip (Trey's fav) and tomatoes, Yep you got it Trey again. We had cupcakes that I was not thrilled with (shall we say they will never make it on my catering blog??ugh.)

Trey loved them though. They were chocolate and vanilla with cream cheese frosting and Jolly Roger flags in each one. Arrghh! We had a Pinata and the mean pirates even kidnapped JD and Trey and his guests had to rescue him and find other clues to get to the treasure chest. They had to walk a plank and look for an "X" that marked the spot where the treasue chest was. Arianna, Trey, Mia and Selena did a great job at the treasure hunt. They all loved their treasure goodie bags with a pirate id card, an eye patch, a spy scope, some gold coins, and of course the plstic bags to keep their candy in from the pinata. It took me letting loose some pent up agression to get the thing open. As I was beating on it Karen Marshall had to hold Trey back to keep him from running under the bat to get the few peieces of candy flying out and he was so sleepy by that time that he was very upset at her for holding him back. He looked at her with tears in his eyes and pointed and said "You need to go to time out, you hurt my feelings!" He got over it very quickly when we got to the presents. He loves everything he got and was quit interested to know who got him each thing. He got a basketball goal and a T-ball set and some great books he reads every night at story time. We were so glad that Nana and Pa were able to come and be with us. Trey loves them and always has fun with them. They brought him a red cowboy hat and real cowboy boots with red stitching in them. He loves them!! He loves to wear them with shorts, that is so adorable!! Ugh especially when he is on his tractor. After the party we came in and watched some TV and cooled off and rested a bit. Trey and Mia were so dirty they both wanted to take a bath, ok Trey wanted to take a bath so he could play with an awesome "Go Diego Go" submarine. Mia was so dirty her mom wanted her to bathe to get a layer of sand off resulting from a nasty face plant in the yard. This is what results from that incident.
I had hidden some gold coins and "jewels" in the sand box for them to dig for. We had the bounce house set up which was enjoyed by all, and I mean all, right JD and Justin and Karen? We had pirate hats for everyone and everyone enjoyed decorating foam swords with jewels and puff paint and feathers and glitter. Happy bday Trey. You have turned my life upset down and I will never be the same. You are such an amazing blessing to me and your dad you cant comprehend. You have made both of us better humans. All of this in 3 simple years. What can you do with them rest? It puts me in awe to think what you are capable of if you have done so much for so many in only 3 years. As you grow intot he man you will become I am proud of you daily and love you more than you will ever understand. I know and feel deeply that you have a very important mission here on this earth and this earth is blessed to have you. Your Daddy and I love you fiercely!


~*~toni~*~ said...

Since I know it's April and Trey's Birthday, let me just say.....Cool party!!!! Happy Birthday, Trey!!!!

Lisa said...

Looks like sooooo much fun!