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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Trey is so rash.

Kidding but he has a rash. Again. I didnt post about it before but a few weeks ago he got horrible hives, I mean bad. All over, on his face and everywhere. Helooked so bad. We took him to the Dr and they gave us some steroids and lots of directions. he got fine from that pretty quickly. So Sunday I noticed he had a ras hnot hives again. Very different from the hives he had before. It was on his chest and neck and back. We thought it may have been from the sun lotion I put on him the day before or the new shirt he wore with his new lobster swim trunks Nana bought him for Christmas (yes there will be pics). The rash didnt seem to be slowing him down at all, no fever no problems so I put some calamine on him and sent him to school. They called and said he couldnt stay being as they didnt know what the rash was so we had to take him to the Dr and get a note saying it wasnt contagious then we could bring him back. We saw Dr Weber. He was wonderful and just sat and talked to Trey like I wasnt even there for about 5-10 mins. They just carried on a converation about horses and worms and his pirate bday party coming up soon (save the date April 18!!) where the fish "bit" him. Before we left Dr. Weber told me "You have an exceptional child there" (duh ;) anyway he said it was probably not connected to the hives and just an eczma of some sort. So I got Trey some Mc Donalds and we went to My office to eat lunch because they had already eaten lunch at daycare. Then I took him back to school and he just went right in and laid down on his cot and went to sleep. He told his teacher that he had to go the the Dr and that Dr Morse was a good Dr (he got that part mixed up Dr morse is who I work for and is a Chiropractor lol) and he has eczma. The teacher was amazed that he would tell her that. I told her he amazes me daily. His rash looks better today. The Dr gave me some steroid lotion to put on it.

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