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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We cant go anywhere...

without someone tellus how incredible Trey is or how cute he is or smart. Yesterday I stopped at the Dollar General after I picked him up and he was standing by me and I hear "Hey Trey!" from a cute young woman accross the store. She looked about 21 or so. She ran up to Trey and he gave her a big hug and she said she was a teacher at the school but in the 3 yr old room. The 3 yr olds and 2 yr olds have play time at the same time so she see's him on he playground everyday and always asks him when his bday is cause she hopes he turns 3 soon so she can have him in her class. I told her it was soon April 23 (SHAMELESS PLUG: his bday PARTY is April 18) and she got very excited and said her name was Ms Register and I had to request her for his teacher because he was so cute and all the 2 yr old teachers tell her how polite and smart he is and she needs another good kid in her room! ahhh my child. Tired of hearing about him yet? Good cause there will be more.

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~*~toni~*~ said...

Never get tired of hearing about him! You are an amazing Mama!! XOXOX