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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Chicks dig scars.

And it's a good thing with Trey. He's gonna have plenty. lol. Saturday we went out fishing on the boat and he had already "caught" 2 fish (we catch them but he reeled them in). Well JD was in the front of the boat and Trey and I were in the back. JD was reeling his lure against the current and his lure popped out of the water and drilled Trey in the forehead. He, of course immediatly screamed I was right behind him so I grabbed his arms and pinned them against my legs to keep him from grabbing his head and either pushing it further in or ripping it out. My first thought was "please God dont let it be in his eye or past the barb" JD ran back to us and pressed his head against my legs to get a look (as he was flailing as much as he could screaming like a banshee) and it was burried good but not past the barb just up to it. JD popped it out and picked him up and wiped it off. He was still screaming but only for about 30 seconds because we realized he was screaming "My cheeto, my cheeto" he had been holding a cheeto and when it popped him of course it went flying our of his hand. I grabbed the whole bag and said "here baby have the whole bag of Cheetos!" he said "NO I want THAT Cheeto" pointing o the water. He wanted the specific cheeto he had dropped. Well genius (read: sneaky) Momma grabbed a cheeto out of the bag and then leaned over the edge of the boat to pretend I had grabbed his cheeeto. It worked! He calmed down immediatly. He only cried for about 30 seconds after we got the hook out. He is sooo tough. That hook was burried up to the barb and he was more upset he had lost his cheeto! He was fine the rest of the trip, however he didnt want to reel anymore fish in and he said a few times "dont let it hurt me" when he was near the edge of the boat and could see the line near him. He had so much fun and listened so good when we told him to do something. He can cast his own rod (hookless duh) and loved being out there. He kept his record though. He fell asleep on the ride back to the truck. He has not been in that boat without falling asleep. It lulls him out. He's a trooper.

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