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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I could not be more proud of my man.

The little one. Yesterday was his first day at the new daycare. We had him all pumped for it. He was excited. They have a little train in front of the daycare and he loved that. He thought it was very cool. We had to check in at the front office then go to the classroom. He was fine until we got to the door of the room and he stopped and wanted me to carry him. When we went in he got a little clingy and a bit whiny. JD kissed him and he left us. Soon after that Trey wanted to get down and go explore everything new. He played with a lot of stuff for a little bit. The teacher was getting everyone ready for breakfast and he went and washed his hands, which he loves doing and sat down at the little table with the rest of the kids. I sat in a little chair behind him and was planning on staying a while to get him comfortable. The teacher gave them all a spoon and he turned to me and said, "Mommy where is your spoon"? I said, "Oh its ok I dont need one." He said, "Mommy you arent going to eat? Your going to work? OK be Mommy." then hepuckered up to kis me goodbye. I knew how to take a hint. I left him happy. What a relief that is to be able to leave him not screaming. They said he did good all day. When I went to pick him up the teacher asked if he had been in another center and I said yes. I was expecting her to say he adapted to the schedule well but she said "he is soo smart. He really is a smart boy" and another teacherbehind us spoke up and said "and he has the best manners. It is amazing." Then she told about how he came up to her and said "excuse me I need to go pee pee" She said she was amazed they arent used to hearing the kids in their rooms talk like that. They said he said thank you and please and excuse me all day. I was literally beaming with pride. I was as proud of him being polite as I was of him being smart. Smart is something you are born with (yes it helps to have a good environment but really for the most part at this age you are born with the ability to be intelligent) but manners takes a conscience effort to do. He had to consciously remind himself to use his manners. I was so proud of him. I told him all night how proud I was of him. I must say the first 2 years were a doozy but now he is becoming quite an amazing little man.


Janice said...


That is so wonderful that his manners are so impressive. I had a little boy come into where I work with his grandfather about 2 weeks ago and when they went to leave the little boy stuck out his hand to shake and said "it was very nice to meet you". My jaw almost hit the ground. Manners can really make such a difference and most people don't realize that they do. How proud I know you are. Keep up the good work.

Your IRL friend Janice in Virginia

~*~toni~*~ said...

YAY!! So glad it all went well! I'm glad he has good manners and proud of him but, more proud of you! He learned those manners somewhere, you know!!! XOXOXOX

Thora said...

Yay for a good transition! I'm not terribly surpirsed you have a first class kid though, I mean... come on with YOU as a mom? Kid's bound to be wonderful.