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Friday, February 6, 2009

Trey is changing Daycares.

It is scary for me and I am very sure scary for him too. There is no huge reason we are changing just a lot of little reasons. It is scary for me because like I said no huge reason we are leaving his current daycare like a danger or health risk or something like that and what if we jump out of the drying pan and into the fire? Lets see the new daycare is just WAYY more organized and together. They send out a report everyday with what they ate and how they napped and when they went to the bathroom and how they acted, everyday. They have a monthly breakfast and lunch menu they give you. They have a monthly newsletter with what they will be working on that month in the classroom like what letter, number , shape and color. They serve a hot breakfast and lunch. Plus they are about $25 dollars cheaper. I have a lot of very high recomendations for them. we know people on the board of directors (yes they have a board of directors). I think he will do well there. Yes it will be hard the first few days. There will be tears and screaming and holding on and Trey will be upset too. We have been talking to him about going to a new school and he seems ok with it, for now. Monday is his first day at the new school (you all do now when I say school I mean daycare right? We call it school to him to make him feel like a big boy like Selena just an FYI.)

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