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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Out of order, so sue me.

This was us decorating the house, Trey was a big help. I know it is out of order but I had to take the opportunity to post a few pics of my man, I rarely do.

This is Trey trying to make sure his deer had some food. Trey loved seeing his deer all holiday long and I dread when he has to go away. He woudl stand on the couch by the window and see his friend all the time. Same with the Tree. Every morning Trey would wake up and we would hear the door open and little feet run mach 5 down the hall and a "schwap" on the floor. You see he made it his personal job to turn the lights on the tree (we have a switch you just step on to turn the lights on the Christmas tree) then he'd run back down the hall and get in our bed. He will miss his deer friend.

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