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Thursday, January 1, 2009

The aftermath

The day after Christmas JD got sick (stomach virus) he quickly got well and we went and got new tires woohoo and let Trey play in the playground in the Oaks mall. Then the day after that I got sick and didnt get well sa fast as JD. BUT that morning before I got too sick we had some fun. JD went fishing and Meme and Papa and Jemper (Translation: Jenifer) came down and we played outside in the beautiful FL winter weather, yes we are wearing shorts. I now realize we look like a binch of hippies setting outside justa playin on our guitars maannnn. It was all Treys idea I had a rousing game of soccer with the new ball and net planned but the best laid plans of moms... Trey decided it was jam time. We sang and "played" everything in our repitior: twinkle twinkle little star, ABC's, Popcorn popping... you name it.

There was some physical activity too.

And general nuttiness, *sigh*

Yes that is Treys Spongebob square pants umbrella.

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