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Thursday, January 1, 2009

One more out of order, the Noll Christmas get together.

We had to get some face time in with all of Trey's adopted aunts and uncles. The Noll get together was great. We went to Beth's house and all put where we wanted to eat dinner in a gator santa hat (appropriate hu?) and then pulled one out so we went to The Outback. Then we went back to Beth's for Chocolate fondue for dessert and to let Trey open his presents from them. He got animals and books and all kinds of cute stuff. Also in a previous post there was a picture of Trey with a handmade orange and blue santa hat on Brian made that for him. Talented isnt he? He's single ladies ummm hmmm. ok advertisement over we had fun and Trey got to be with more people he loves and who love him. He is a lucky boy! Thanks guys for loving my little man. OH and see that shirt I cut (keep up check the blog more often) is soo not ruined, this was after the infamous cutting!

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~*~toni~*~ said...

That is a GOOD pic of you & JD!!!! Mind if I steal it? Thanks.....I did!!! XOXOXO