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Thursday, January 1, 2009

One more interruption...

I have to say how proud of Trey I am for not messing up any of my decorations once they were put out. He did not once mess with the ornaments on the tree, or the little snowman on the coffee table or the nativity scene (he did want to kiss baby Jesus a few times, how do you say no to that I ask?) nothing he left all my pretties just as I put them. He really was a good boy through all the parties and weird schedules and odd trees in the house and everything, I am proud and when he reads this one day want him to know that.

Trey I love you and am proud of the little man you are too quickly becoming.

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Vanna said...

Well Now you seem to have had a lovely christmas :) Im happy trey had a good time. I miss you too! I think I am going to end up going to Southeastern-its a private christian university here in florida. Near Ft.Myers.
Love you too