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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Day.

Christmas Day was a blur of 2 1/2 year old fun. How can you not love Chirstmas with a 2 yr old? Truly? It is glorious to hear him sing the songs, his fav is tangle bells (translation: jingle bells) and snowman. He does them very well. We checked to make sure santa really had been here and it wasnt just a slick joke by checking to see if he ate the cookies we left and sure enough he had. He ate all but a crumb which Trey promptly helped him with. Then we had to check to make sure the deerrein (remember? keep up now) had not missed their snack and they did not. It was gone too. We opened presents (learning a lesson to pass out gifts to everyone before opening any and letting the kids go first before any adults) then we had breakfast of monkey bread (made with fresh monkeys), fresh fruit, baby hotdogs (little smokies) in brown sugar and breakfast casserole. We had juice, milk and hot chocolate. Now all that left is to post the pics.

Coming down the hall for the first view. Trey is new at this and he is not relaly good at getting waking up. It takes a little bit before he really wakes up fully.

Above: JD spent the last few days working diligently in the shop to make Trey a toy bok. It is very big and looks just as I was hoping it would. I absolutely love it and love it even more because JD made it, with love for his son. It is very special to me and will be to Trey in the future. Trey calls it his Treasure box. Very fitting.

Below: Santa bought Trey a soccer net and ball, a beanbag chair (which so far to his incredible imagination has been an armidallo's shell, a moon rock, a hat, a tackle dummy, a dragon, and well more but you get the idea) and a blow up catch net with balls to throw in it.

There were the things Santa left in the stocking (which are usually the biggest hit right?)

Trey got serious about this whole gift opening thing and clothes had to go.

Of course things had to be modeled / tried out, ya know quality control!

If you have not seen a child cup stack you must truly amazing! Look it up on utube blows the mind! Selena rocks at it and I do not!

She needs her rest afterward!

Thank you to everyone who made Christmas wonderful for us all.

I gotta give a shoutout to all my dogs!


~*~toni~*~ said...

I am missing in that pic :( Looks like y'all had fun! WOW! Amazing toy bok!!! XOXOXO

~*~toni~*~ said...

P.S. doesn't look like you figured that date thing on the camera out yet!! LOL!!

Kate said...

LOL yea I guess I should but I really dont bother with it. I have to change batteries so often it annoys me to have to take more time to set the date. I have the worst luck with cameras lol!