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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

On the mend.

I am back at work today. I feel better but I am still dizzy and very tired and just wiped out. I feel like I was hit by a mac truck and drug about 2 miles. I have seriously never gotten that sick that fast. Dr. Rodney is the man and got me better way fast. They are so great there and very sensitive to a sick person and what they may be feeling. They never down play the fact that you are miserable or in pain like a lot of Dr's do. I appreciate that. I am thrilled to announce that JD and Trey have not shown signs of what I had yet. I pray they dont it was rough stuff even if it was short lived. Tonight is the Trick or Trunk and Trey is going to be a Cowboy. He is excited. JD has to work unfortunately but will get to go with us Trick or Treating! YEA! Trey is being so good as of late and this is a super fun age. I love watching him use his imagination and play using his imagination. JD and I both talk to him in the car when we are driving and will talk about the traffic lights and what color they are and what they mean. He knows when the light is red you stop and when it is green you can go. He is still alittle confused about the "Orange light" ya know the yellow one, but I can see why he would call it orange. He is a very sensitive little boy. I dont mean like woosie but like sensitive to others like the sound of your voice. If you sound down he will ask "mommy whassa matter?" Even if you didn;t mean to sound down and you really aren't. It makes me pay more attention to the vibe I am sending out with the tone of my voice. He has been sleeping better and I think I have found a help. Last time I took him to the Dr. he suggested we use an allergy medication regularly instead of just when he shows signs of being sick. He has seasonal allergies so treat them daily when he may feel a little worn down by them not just when he shows signs. Makes since. So we give him the allergy meds at night and they help him sleep. I think they help him to breathe better which keeps him from waking up often so he gets more sleep and a better quality of sleep. The 2 nights we didn't give it to him he woke up often during the night. So I am hopeful that we have found some help for him to get some sleep. I will post pics of trick or trunk this weekend. Sorry this post is all over the place but like I said I am still a little dizzy and scatterbrained. I wanted to let Toni know from her comment that i have not gotten a flu shot just hadn't gotten around to it yet. So now that I have had probably the flu should I still get one? Also Dr. Rodney called and said the blood work came back ok on everything but that I had a bad infection of some kind but that the antibiotics I was given should clear it up. So for my Medical ladies Karen, Toni was that probably the flu? All the signs were there ya know the usual "flu like symptoms" but it was so fast moving. Is there a strain of the flu that hits that hard but moves that fast? Thanks all!


Kare-Kare said...

First things first Get the flu shot, becuase if that was a type of flu you had there are tons of other types of the flu viruses still out there. Thats why some people say I got the flu shot once and still got the flu. The flu shot is not magic it only covers the few types of flu viruses that scientists think will be prevelent in the upcoming flu season. But if there is anyway to prevent someone from getting what you had I'm sure you would agree that a little needle prick is well worth it. I love Three Rivers too, they really do care, I can't tell you how often I've seen at other places where they just would still make you sit in a waiting room wretching in pain or throwing up, people have lost the compassion in healthcare and I intend to bring it back where ever I go!! I love you babe!!!

~*~toni~*~ said...

Yeah....what she (kare-kare) said!


Heidi said...

I'm sorry you've been sick!!! My family just got over the flu this weekend. UGH!

Speedy Recovery!!! ;)

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