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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Just a quick update.

I am sick. getting better but sick. Not sure what hit me but it hit hard and fast. Sunday I was feeling great all day at 4:00 my thtoat started getting tight and by 4:30 it hurt awful and my muscles ached bad. Monday I was having chills and fever so bad I could not stop myself from shaking. I got up and tried to go into work because sometimes when you get up and get moving you feel better, nope. It was awful. I called Dr. Rodney in Branford and was just going to have him call a zpack in but my wonderful friend Letha works there (I did not know that until I Called) and she said she could tell from how I sounded that I needed to be seen so she told me they would get me in fast come on. So I had daddy drive me cause I was shaking so fierce I could not have driven myself. My body ached so bad when I was in the car I could literally feel the stiches in the seat of the car. They got me in real quick and Dr. Rodney gave me a shot for pain and a shot for nausea immediatly (I was in so much pain I was nauseated) then he started checking everything and he had some blood drawn and he put me on an IV right there in the Dr's office. They are so great there! They are so sensitive to the sick persons needs. I was lying on the table and he had the nurse turn the lights out so it wouldn't hurt my eyes and to help me headache. He brought me some crystal light to try to sip. He called me in some meds when it was time to leave. I slept all day after I got home and all night. JD was a single father last night. He was wonderful. I was basically unconscience yesterday. I missed the 1st fire of the year, well I got to set infront of it for a little bit but it hurt too bad to set on the harth too long. Thank you JD you were wonderful! I feel better today. My throat still hurts pretty badf and my body hurts but not as bad but I am so sleepy and I am pretty dizzy (excuse the typos it's the dizziness) so I did not go into work today. I guess I am dizzy from the meds? I dont know anyway I am on myway to recovery now I just hope and pray Trey or JD dont get this it is fierce bad stuff. Halloween is coming up Fri and Trey's halloween party at daycare is that day at lunch so I hope Trey doesn't get this at all much less in time to miss halloween. JD is doing good. He is wonderful as always. Hope everyone is doing well.

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~*~toni~*~ said...

You get Better!!!!!!! I love you!!!! by the way, just out of curiosity, did you have a flu shot?