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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween fun with a little cowboy!

Halloween was a lot of fun. Trey was a cowboy because he is obsessed with his cowboy (that is what he calls his cowboy hat, he leaves the "hat" part off) and his horse (the one I call the best $5 I ever spent at a dollar store) He was adorable and he and so much fun. Wed we went to Trick or trunk at church and he had a blast running around the parking lot saying "trick n treat" and holding his little bag out. I had to run a cupcake walk booth which didn't bother him one bit because he got to sneak cupcakes. Friday at his daycare they had a little fall halloween festival. Meme and papa went for the booths and games and I got there to eat lunch with him. Daddy had to work in Maclenny all day ( that Daddy always working hard for us to have everything we need we lov eyou JD!) I got to eat lunch with him and then set down and rub his back while he went to sleep for nap time. He was so proud of the cupcakes we had made. It was so neat to see him show pride for something. He wanted to show everybody and tell them he helped. He made it very clear we brought those cupcakes. He was walking around there showing everyone and being so proud of them and he should be he really did help me. He handed me the eggs and counted them, he put the cups in the tins, hehelped mix the color in the icing, he added the sprinkles, he added the oreo's (uh i mean spiders) he worked hard. I am glad he was proud of them and for working on them. Then on Friday night we went to Beth's house. I love that our little tradition is not really to go out trick or treating to neighboorhoods but we use it as an excuse to go see people we dont really get to see a lot during every day life ya know. We always go see Beth. She always has such a nice (extra special) bag with candy he likes and treats and toys in it. It is really special and just for him. I Love that and appreciate it more than she could know. I am blessed to have her on "team trey". Beth and I went over to a scary house we had heard about from Selena in her neighboorhood and got the bageebies scared out of us. While we went to the scary house JD stayed with Trey at Beth house and took over candy hand out responsibilities. Trey starting telling all the kids that came up trick-or-treating that he is "the sheif of es perts" (translation: I am the sheriff of these parts) we played hide and seek with trey (in full view in Beth's front yard) for a bit and we got to see selena and her crew too. Selena and Jen had a great little special treat bag for Trey too. It had toys and little halloween trinkets. Once it started to calm down and get a little cooler we went to Krystal's for a late supper . Trey was so good all night and the cowboy fell asleep an the way home. It was a wonderful night and this is a great age for Trey. I appreciate what everyone does for him, all the little extras that make holidays so special for him and us. I want you to know We appreciate it and we love you for it. Thank you. happy halloween. Trey at Beth's house in her garage.

See my little horns? yea you knew I always had em. I let them come out for work on Friday.

Somehow the little witch got trapped under the door. I well she had it coming.

Trey and I made cupcakes with oreo spiders on them for his party at school. He really sis help in every step and had a blast.

He is a good taste tester.

Trey and mommy at Trick or trunk.

Meme maning her trunk, waiting for goblins.

Selena and Trey and Trick or trunk. Isn;t she adorable?

What a hunk. YOu cant see it but he had a sheriff's star and spurs on his boots and a big ole belt buckle to go with his boots, hat, neckercheif and horse. All ready for the range.


~ Jen said...

I love Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Jen

Karen said...

What a hunk is right. I'm so glad he loves halloween, it is such a fun holiday. Kids get to be someone else for a day, even adults can do it too. I love it. Oh and by the way, he makes a great sheriff!! Love you guys!

Beth R. said...

I always look forward to Halloween because I know my favorite families will be coming by to see me. I love to do a special bag for him. He is so funny!!
And yes we did get the- what you said-scared out of us,what big kids we are!haha
Thanks JD for letting us go to the scary house!
Love you Trey,Kate & JD