More Spice than Sugar.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Some not so good nights and JD's Mom.

Trey has been having some not so good nights. He has actually been having to sleep with us. He's having nightmares again. Even sleeping with us he thrashes all night and talks and starts crying and will try to get up in bed but he is not awake yet. As you can imagine this causes us to get zero sleep. We have to constantly keep waking up to either wake him up or comfort and calm him or we are awaken by being kicked in the stomach or some other equally bad place to be kicked.

JD's mom is not doing well. She is in the hospital undergoing testing. Please pray for her.


Kare-Kare said...

I will talk to my teacher tomorrow and ask about what you can do to help you and trey sleep better, I think it is a pretty natural phase to go thru but I'll ask and let you know. I will pray for JD's Mom, tell JD we are thinking of her. Love you guys.

Kare-Kare said...

So I talked to them at the office and they would suggest journaling Trey's days, what he ate, who he saw, did anything happen at daycare, all that stuff plus when he gets the nightmare. Although nightmares can be normal the only way to get to the bottom of them if there is infact a cause is to journal to find a common something among them.