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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Daily Trey.

So yesterday at supper Trey had to have his horsies setting on the tray of his highchair while he ate supper. I went to take him out of the chair and slide the tray out and at the same time he pressed down with one of the horsies making him gallop so of course the tray with food and drink went falling to the ground (so I guess gravity works after all) So after I got him out and had the mess slightly contained and had gotten the offending horsies out of the mess to which he looked at them all wet and said "horsies yucky, horsies need time out" I said ok then go put them in timeout. " Not really thinking he would, but he did go put them in the timeout chair. We then got him in the tub and he told JD they had to be put in timeout and JD asked why. To which he replied, "horsies bad, horsies spill my drink and pate" (translation:plate)So my son has learned to blame someone else for a boo boo. BUT I onw am sure he gets the concept of going to timeout due to something that was naughty. That my friends is a good thing. Timeout is working! Well in concept.

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Kare-Kare said...

I love it, he is sooo smart. Not only does he get new toys to play with but now he can send them to time out to take the wrap for him. But honestly I love the mind of kids, to him sending the horsie to time out make perfectly good sense and yes he does really understand the reason behind time out. Way to go mom and dad!!!