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Monday, September 15, 2008

No more nightmares but that doesn't translate into sleep for me.

Well he hasn't had a nightmare in 3 days, but that still doesn't mean I am getting any sleep. Friday night he threw up 2 times. No crying or getting all upset, just took it like a man. Threw up, said "I done, Wipe my mouth" and was done. He did the same thing a few hours later "I gotta frow up" did so "I betta mommy, wipe my mouth" and then has thrown up no more. He hasn't eaten well and has seemed a little tired. Sat night we were awakened at 4am (I had only been home since a little after midnight thankyou Beth, See other post) by him coming to inform us he went poo poo and he wasn't kidding. Diareah everywhere. So we cleaned all that up but he was done sleeping. I am pretty sure he didn't go back to sleep at all after that. He laid in our bed some but he was moving and talking to me and everytime I turned over and looked at him he was wide wake. Finally he was through just laying in our bed and said "Mommy I wanna snack, n watch badwordigans (translation:backyardigans)" He got off the bed and laid onhis back on the floor and started spinning his little sit-n-spin toy which when spun quickly makes a pretty loud whirring noise. I gave up. It was, after all, about 5 am so why not get up? So I got up and laid on the couch while he watched badwordagins. He still had diareah off and on all day. He slept good last night. YAY! One in a row. All weekend my stomach has been feeling icky off and on. Hopefully it will get to more off then on.

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