More Spice than Sugar.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

My little guy rocks.

Tonight he wanted to say the bedtime prayer. He has done this a few times and it truly warms our hearts. Tonight was super funny though. 99% of the prayer is unintelligable except for a few words. We can usually catch a murmer murmer mumer "Nanna", murmer murmer "Lena" etc. then he will be quiet and JD and I will peek at each other and after a pause both say "amen" then he will say "men". Tonight he wanted to say it and started with the usual unintelligable murmer murmer then we hear a "tank you murmer murmer gummi bear, murmer murmer murmer our couch, murmer murmer murmer time out". LOL!!! THe only thing we can guess is he was thanking for our couch and for gummi bears and saying sorry for being in timeout. LOL!! It was so cute. Truly what a heartfelt prayer should sound like. I am so thankful for him and his little spirit and heart.


~ Jen said...

How precious - god knows each and every word he said. You and J.D. are raising Trey right. You 2(3) are very blessed!!
~ Jen

Scott said...

Scott inturpred Trey`s prayer as... Send me some more gummy bears,a new couch, and just once I`d like to see my parents in time out OR could you do away with time out?

Prissy said...

maybe he wants his time out place to be the couch with gummy bears as a treat! lol
But really Trey is a great kid. Great Job Parents!

Kare-Kare said...

It just proves how giving and thoughtful he really is. He is so thankful for everything, even the little things like good old gummy bears, and the couch to which he loves to nap on, and the time out chair to which he can now send his horses to take the wrap for boo-boos the "horses" make. I love him, I could just eat him up!!