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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Our happy little 4th.

I know I know I'm late. Sorry but hey late is better then never right? Right. So here you go. Our long 4th of July weekend. I do mean Long. I had Thursday and Friday off. Trey, Selena Jenifer and myself went to lunch at McDonalds and to see Kung Fu Panda (Hiya!) at the theatre. Well the theatre part went great. It was the gettin there that was rough. Trey and Selena played at McDonalds and had a blast!! When it was time to go that is when the mess hit the fan. Trey was already very tired and did not repeat did not want to leave McDonalds. Lets say we were all afraid for our safety with this small but powerful tornado in our vehicle. Whew! As I frove toward the theatre I was beginning to wonder if we were going to even make it inside the theatre. But when we got there Selena suggested he start looking for monkeys in the tree's and of course he did. So that helped. Trey slept through the middle but got to see the beginning and the end. He was wonderful. Just sat there mezmerized. The next morning me and JD woke up really early, woke Trey up and went fishing. As I carried Trey to the truck he lifted his head and says "Mommy I wanna go home, I wanna go back to my bed." I was right there with him. We went fishing and he was really good again. He played with his rod some. I had taken about a 1/2 loaf of bread for him to "fish" with. He either wanted to throw the whole piece in at once or if I broke the bread into small pieces he would throw the fish a piece then he would eat a piece. One for the fishies one for Trey....Jd was in the front seat and let Trey stand inbetween his legs. When he would catcha fish he would let Trey real him in. He loved it. Both of them. I loved watching them. I love watching them together. That afternoon we went to Jenifer's house for a cook out. It was wonderful!!! We all went swimming which thrilled Trey to no end!!!!! We had hamburgers, cheesy potato bake, baked beans, chips and dip, everything you could want on a burger, delicious boiled peanuts, drinks, brownies, lemon bars, everything. It was all set up so cute too. She had the cutest star dishes. It was really nice. Trey was soo good. I couldn't believe how good he was being so tired.

That night we went to Lake City to see the fireworks. We got some rootbeers and a pizza and went and found a really good parking spot (it better be good we were there about 2 hours early). We folded the topper up and made a little Tray for Trey. He ate pizza and loved it.
He threw the football with his Daddy. he popped poppers, he blew bubbles, he did sparklers and he played with his trucks all in the safety of the back of the truck bed. He was so good and cute! We saw the werks.(translation:fireworks) and he liked them even as sleepy as he was!

The next day (yes it is still going people) we went to Ka-Ka and Jush house (Translation: Karen and Justin's house) This was almost as good as Sea World with his awesome fish tank. Trey loved that. He played in the kiddie pool outside while the boys played horseshoes and the gals laid around playing with the Trey. It was nice weather and just a great Day. I left early and went to the Koon's baptism (Hey Lori, Savana, Kaleb I love you guys!) I went back though. I coulnd't miss the fireworks. Karen, Beth, Cat, Me, Trey and Brian sat in the front yard in relative safety while JD, Justin and Bill risked life and limb to give us flaming entertainment. Cool. Trey was really good but was about to have enough fun for one weekend. It was a great weekend. Trey was amazangly good and I got to see so many people I dont get to see often enough. A truly great weekend! It was worth the wait, wasn't it?

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Ka-Ka said...

I had so much fun too. It just seems like yesterday trey was born and we were all sitting around thinking about how cool it will be when Trey can hang out and do cool stuff, well he is here. He is such an awesome kid, of course he has his moments but don't we all. He has just blown my mind in how cool a kid can be, he is just a blast to hang out with. I can't wait till we have kids and they can play together. Love you guys!!