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Friday, July 11, 2008

A quick little brag if I may...

At Trey's 2 yr check up I mentioned that I had a few concerns about Trey's speech being as he had so much trouble with his ears at such a pivitol time of learning speech and sounds and comprehension. I had noticed some letter sounds mixed up and would rather nip a problem in the bud now then wait until school and possibly get him stuck in a program and labeled, does that make since? So anyway they referred him to a group called early steps and the whole service was free. So why not? They came out Wed and did an evaluation at the house. They were soo nice and ver thorough. They eval'ed everything from speech to fine and gross motor skills, comprehansion etc. They told me he is nowhere close to qualifying for any program and as a matter of fact it had been sometime since they had seen a child score so consistantly high on everything. The average is 100 and he scored from 130 - 150 on everything. They were very impressed with quite a few things like the fact that he is potty trained (except for night), they could not believe he holds a crayon or pen or pencil with a correct grip instead of a fist type of grasp. He did so well. I am happy to know that he is right on track with development and speech. What a relief. It was never a concern for motor skills or the development part but she did say the few little speech quirks he has are completely normal (he is actually ahead of the curve on most speech for a boy his age, boys tend to be slower on the speech end) and any little nuances he does have should begin to fade by 3- 3 1/2 hrs old and she fully expects his to do so. So there you have it folks JD and I have sired a little genius! Oh what a surprise. (wink wink that was dripping with sarcasm by the way).

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Ka-Ka said...

I told you he was amazing!! Now we have proof. What a great service they provide going to peoples houses and doing the tests for free.