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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We're all packed up.

We are packed up and ready to go. We will leave for vacay early tomorrow mornign so it will be at least until monday until I can get back to you guys with updates and pics of vacation. Trey seems to be doing fine and we went to the ENT today and he said his ears look good and his hearing is fine and we can even get his ears under water in a chlorinated pool so it is dunk time at the pool at the hotel. See you all right back here soon! Dont forget to start looking for updates about Tuesday or late monday night.


~*~toni~*~ said...

Have fun!!!!! Let us know how the trip went! BTW...I got a new grand son. Lucas Quinn "Luke" Scheel-Scott was born Mon morning at 8:52 am (That's the time Stacy told me, but she'd not sure). He is soooo cute. he was 6 weeks early. Weighed 5# 1oz. Big because she had diabetes but not mature. He's doing pretty good. He has pneumonia now. Antibiotics are helping. Did I mention he's really cute? XOXOX, Toni

Karen said...

I'm all ready for you guys, I miss you guys so much!!

Jen said...

I hope you`z have a wonderful time!!!!!!!!!!!!