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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Of course he'll get sick it's time for vacation.

Daycare called today and said Trey had a low grade temp of 99.5 and was telling them his head hurt. I had them give him tylenol and told them to watch him and call me if he seemed to feel worse or the fever didn't drop. I called around 12:30 and he was doing ok. He was napping and seemed ok but hadn't eaten lunch, noonles (translation: noodles) his fav. JD went and picked him up after work and he was ok but a little warm and didn't seem to really feel so good. When he got home he had a bout of diareah but seemed to feel good. He had another bout of diareah before bedtime but he is now sleeping (hopefully) and maybe he will feel good. I cam so excited for this vacation. We are taking Trey to Busch Gardens and Sea World. We are leaving Thursday morning and coming back Sunday. I think Trey is going to just die over the animals at Busch Gardens and all the memo (translation: Nemo) fish and huge sharks at Sea World. We are staying at the Hyatt Place. This is what the room will look like>

This is the first time we have really gone off since Trey was born. We went to Tennessee when he was an infant but this will be really fun because he is at such a fun age and can get excited and understand things better. We are also going to the beach and to see Ka-Ka and Jus (translation: Karen and Justin Marshall)YAY!!! We are going to go to cemetary land as well. I hear the rides aren;t taht good but o well. I am kidding sort of. JD is really into geneology and has foind some cemetaries very near by or on our way that have some ancestors headstones there. He wants to stop by and get pics. He wants to do a book for Trey and I think that is a wonderfully sweet idea. I tease him about going to cemetaries on our vacation but I dont mind and I think it is so great of him to want to do this for Trey. Oh...pssssst... dont tell him I dont mind. The vacation countdown has begun!!

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