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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Thoughts of Poo Poo, movies and tomatoes.

I am thrilled to announce Trey is potty trained, well when it comes to pee pee. Poo poo? A whole other story. He has only poo poo'ed in the potty once, yesterday. All other times are in the big boy undies. The frustrating part is that he is perfect with pee pee and it was so easy and quick. Literally the 2 days was it. I guess I am paying for it with the poo poo issue. *sigh* It is only a stage it is only a stage.

I am contemplating taking Trey to a Saturday matinee movie either maybe Kung-Fu Panda or Madagascar 2 when it comes out. I would love to but really dont want to get kicked out if he wont sit or be somewhat quiet. I might give it a try, just to have something to write about on here.

Out tomato plants are doing great. We have eaten a few and Trey has eaten a few of his cherry tomatoes right off the plant. My herbs are doing better then I expected. Actually they are doing too good. I dont know what to do with them. I have already dried some oregano but dont think dried mint or cilantro are very good. So I guess I will just keep it trimmed back. The lemmon tree I planted is, well, it is still alive. So I guess for me and my deadly black thumb that is a good thing. I am going to try to plant a pineapple plant from just a pineapple top. A friend of mine showed me a picture the other day of a pineapple plant with a pineapple on it and said it was from a pineapple top their Mom had saved from my wedding and it actually had a real live pineapple on it. I want one. The bad thing is it will take well i guess 5 years. Man I will kill that poor thing in 5 years ( less).


Marie B. said...

I hear you on the black thumb. We are having an herb garden put in on Monday and I really hope that I am not throwing away $3,000 on herbs and trees that I might end up killing. There really should be a support group for people like us.

Bethany said...

I poo-poo part of potty training is NOT fun! Hopefully it starts going better for you!

Lyns said...

Hey--at least you are moving forward on the potty training. My future son in law is DARLING as always!! You are officially being stalked!!!

Nana Tyre said...

Dear One,
Way to go! Pee pee was easy because daddy showed him. Poo poo, well you know what needs to happen, just dont know how it can happen. lol Glad to hear that your tomatoes are doing well. Love, Nana Tyre