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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rewards for Potty Training.

My friend thinks my potty training rewards are hilarious! Well Karen, send this blog to Rodney! First there was black olives. These were given at tub time. Then I promised Trey if he went poo poo in the potty I would take him down the road on the 4-wheeler and we would feed the horses and see the goats. Well on Saturday June 14 he did it. He poo pooed for the first time from start to finish in the potty. So off we went. We got Selena and we hopped on the 4-wheeler and down the road we went to find the horsies and the goat goats. We found em! Only one was interested in eating a carrot but thats ok we loved him anyway. Trey wouldn't feed him himself but he loved watching me and Selena do it.

After we fed the horsies all of the carrots we had to offer we went for a ride to find boo's (thats roughly translated to moo cows) So off we went. Well just a little past the house (over the hill right where the fence starts for those who know my road) we saw a deer standing right in the clearing. So we got a picture of him. Trey told him hey and he just stood there and watched us. He was sooo still.Our adventure doesn't stop there, Oh no not us! We told the deer bye bye and went off in search of more boo's (keep up, that's moo cows remember?) So we went to where they stay and the owner was there and he and his young son were feeding them so they were really close to the fence. YAY! We could have an up close and personal conversation with a cow, and Trey did.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I can see why potty training would be easier with a treat like "seeing the boo or the horse, or whatever is out there". Trey does love the animals or is it the ride on the four wheeler? Don't know, but if it works, keep it up.
Nana Tyre