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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Potty Training (him or us?)

I am trying to figure out just who is being trained. Actually he is doing better than I ever imagined. Friday when JD picked him up from daycare they told him he was doing so good going potty that we could send him in regular underwear Monday. Well, that was news to us because he was only going pee pee in the potty right before bath time. (He was wearing pull ups) Well I decided if he is doing it there then he can do it at home. So Friday night we went and bought big boy underwear with baseballs on 'em and some plain tightie whities (well more like loosey whities they're not so tight on his cute little bootie)Saturday morning we started and the way it started out I thought it was gonna be AWFUL! He wanted one of the treats I had reserved for going potty. Well the fact that he couldn't have them set him off. After a little a while of attitude and 1 pair of wet big boy undies it got quiet, too quiet. I looked over and saw 2 little feet coming out of the pantry. I went over, he was setting on the floor and had my taco bowl makers setting on the floor and was pouring karo syrup on them, about 1/2 a bottle so far. He set in timeout the whole time it took me to clean it up then we had a good talk and after that we seemed to come to a understanding. No more accidents all day long!We did put him in a pull up for sleeping. Today he had one small peepee accident which we caught fast and that was right when he first woke up. He woke up by telling me "Mommy peepee in potty". We have just had one small poopoo accident which upset him greatly. He is doing great and I am so proud of him. My big boy *snif*. He gets 4 black olives for his treat for going potty. He loves them! Most moms give jelly beans or M&M's for peepee in potty, yea, not my Trey! So day 2 of potty training is almost over and so far so good!


Ka-Ka said...

Our baby is growing up so fast. Snif-Snif-Snif. I am so proud of him. Love you guys, see you Friday.

Thora said...

Black olives! Now why didn't I think of that?