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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy BIrthday to me!

Yesterday was my birthday. It was a fabulous day. We had a girls lunch. Jen (the other bday girl), Selena, Sophie and myself went to Gainesville and started out the day with a delicious soft pretzel then we shopped at the mall. We went to Michael's craft store. I swear I could spend a million dollars in there in one day. Then we had lunch at The Olive Garden. It was delicious and Sophie ate so good. She ate beans (from my soup), small shell noodles from my soup, goldfish crackers (seafood), some of my alfredo, spaghetti and meat sauce (Some of meme's), garlic bread and tirimisu. Hey it was partially a celebration for her birthday too since we had to cancel her party because she got hand foot and mouth disease (a very light case but still had it). Then we came home and I got 2 very pretty bracelets from Trey and JD took us all (me, Sophie and Trey) out to dinner at Red Lobster in Lake City. 2 of my fav restaurants in one day. Whew good stuff. Then we got some supplies for hurricane season (flashlights, batteries etc). Then we got ice cream from TCBY. I had a sorbet fizz and the boys had ice cream. It was just about the perfect day. GOod food and great family. Doesnt get better.

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