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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Super Skate.

I took Trey skating for the first time. It was ummm fun. I haven't been skating in a long time needless to say. He did pretty good for his first time and I thin he enjoyed it. He was skating along the side and holding my had with one hand and the rail with the other when all of a sudden he says "Mommy you can go ahead." I told him I didnt want to I came to skate with him. He said, "No mommy go on ahead and skate fast. I will be ok. I will. You skate fast and go around I will keep going slow I will be ok." I swear I teared up. I think he had fun but its hard to tell with him. If he thinks he cant succeed or be the best or see's someone being better he will give up. Well of course all the other kids were flying past him so he said he wanted to go home. Well that was ok with me the skates were killing me. We got the skates off and went to get a snow cone and then got Selena and came home. If nothing else I introduced him to skating for the first time. Good news, I dont think I Have to worry about him being a skater boy. Oh and so you know He dressed himself that morning. *sigh.

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