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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sophie Stood!

Saturday Selena's gym has an open gym hour. Anyone can go, kids and all, and play on any of the equipment. So of course my gymnastics addicted "child" had to be there. Since we have extended the sleep over indefinately she is still here, much to Trey's enjoyment. So we all loaded up and went. Trey had a blast on the uneven bars and the trampoline as long as the building and the balance beams... He loved it. Sophie slept most of the time but when she woke up she loved it. Lots of open space to crawl and a mirror the length of the building. The floor has a little spring to it. She was standing holding my hands and I noticed she has pretty good balance and so I let go. She stood there for probably 10 seconds then dropped to her booty. I guess you could say that is the first time she has stood on her own. Selena says the gym is a place of wonder.

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