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Friday, September 10, 2010

Trey's 1st trip to the dentist, well sort of.

I dont know if you recall or if I blogged about it but we tried to take Trey to the dentist once before and it ended ummm, badly. He screamed so much he trew up in the poor dentists hands. Yea, I was so upset. She couldnt do anything. So she gave me some tips and a few weeks ago he asked to go to the dentist. So I made the appt. I was praying it would go better but trying not to get my hopes up. I so wanted Trey to not have the same fear of the dentist I do but I knew if the same thing was repeated on this trip he would have to go to a pediatric dentist who does not allow the parents to go back and puts them in a (for lack of a better term) straight jacket and will gas them if needed. I did not want this for him. This morning the day arrived for the appt and I was anxious to say the least. His appt was at 10 am and I kept him out of school to make things easier. We went to the dentist and he was in a good mood. Right before they called him back I asked him (out of the blue) "Trey do you want me to go back with you or stay out here and wait for you?" He said "Mommy do you want to stay out here?" I told him I wanted to do whatever he wanted me to do that would make him feel good" He said "Mommy you can wait here" . I just knew when they called him back he would want me but nope. He popped right up and walked back. I sat there waiting to hear the screams or have the dentist come out telling me he needed to go to the Ped dentist but the only thing I got was the dentist coming out with her mouth telling me it was like night and day. He was setting there getting his xrays done happily and the only problem they were having was him talking to them telling them some story while they were trying to get the xrays done. After a few minutes they came and asked me if I wanted to sneak back and see him in the chair. I went back and he was laid back just chillin talking to the hygenist deciding on the bubblegum flavor or mint flavor of cleaner. He decided on mintcasue it smelled better than than the bubblegum. He did great. I am so relieved. He is a member of the no cavity club. His teeth look great she said he just nees to start using the floss pick. No prob. He has already flossed (sort of) when we were playing dentist with his dentist kit they gave him (gloves, a mask, floss, tooth brush, paste and his xrays. I am so proud of him and everyone there was thrilled and was totally won over by him by the time we left. Once again I heard the same thing I hae heard since he was able to start talking. "YOu can have a conversation with him like an adult" I seriously hear this all the time. So hopefullyhe will have a good relationship with a dentist all his life. THank you Dr Lori and Rhonda from Oak Hill you guys were great.

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Diamond said...

So happy it went great this time. I am nervous, I need to make an appointment for my 6 year old.