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Friday, June 11, 2010

Trey's last day of school for summer.

Today was Trey's last day of school until August. Bitter sweet. I loved his teacher, Mrs. Charis, so much. She is a beautiful, wonderful person and a terriffic teacher. I made some thank you things for her but they could never express my gratitude to her for being such a loving, kind and patient woman.

Pink roses with a tag that says "thank you for helping me bloom!"

Some homemade banana nut bread with tags that say "I'm glad I didnt drive you bananas" and "Thanks for monkeying around with me."

He had another teacher named Ms. Register. She is a fun kind young woman who works so well with all the kids. We got her a pink and purple water cooler bottle with a tag that says, "Ms. Register thanks for being a cool teacher."

We were very blessed this year and pray to have teachers 1/2 as wonderful in building 4 next year.

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