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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oh what a thrill on blueberry hill.

Monday we picked blueberries on blueberry hill in Wellborn. It was fun (minus the few ant bites I received) It was really nice and they were only 1$ per lb. I'm glad they didnt weigh Trey upon arrival and leaving. Our bill would have been a wee bit more. lol. Selena was our little bluelerry mascot with us (she wore all blue I think to be in blueberry camo so the berries wouldnt notice her) We picked 3 lbs in about 45 mins. thanks to the help I had with my little blueberry helpers.

Trey got one! He siad they tasted like Mac -ee-roni and cheese! ummm, ewww.

Trey getting some major blueberry pickin help from Lena. She is awesome!!!

Just another little product sample while he was checking out the random duck.

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