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Friday, February 12, 2010

Trey is giong to be a BIG BRUDDER!

Dec 29 - Thats right. Trey will be the best big brother in the world. I am pregnant with Trey's little brother or sister. A bit unexpected but happening none the less. We gave away all of the baby stuff we had been saving of Trey's on Monday and Today Wed. we find out we are having a baby. Just kidding Christian Service Center, ya know all that stuff we brought ya? we need it back! *sigh* I wish. O well Newbie will have all new stuff. A baby. I'm having a baby! Trey is so excited. Nana and Pa are here and Trey got to tell them the good news. He came to the front of the house and told Nana "I'm gonna be a big brudder" To which she replied "hu?" she didnt really understand his as she wasnt expecting to hear that. He had to say it a few times until she looked at us and said "did he say he wants to be a big brudder or he's going to be a big brudder"? We translated and she squeeled. lol. Then we all went to Meme and Papa's and he got to tell them too. About the same conversation ensued. Meme could get it but amazingly Papa could. He said "Jean listen to the boy!" More squeeling. Then we went to Jen's. Trey told Selena and then Selena told Jenifer and Scott. Yep, Squeeling. Guess what? Karen Marshall is pregnant too. She is about 1 month further along than me. Trey will be the best big brudder in the world.

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