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Friday, February 12, 2010

It's Dec 25 and a Merry Christmas to all.

We had a great Christmas! Trey had so much fun and got all his little heart could desire. Christmas eve we did our tradition of getting pizza and going to see the lights at Steven Foster Memorial. They are so pretty and Trey loved the big bell tower that chimed and played christmas music. They had a fire pit where you could roast your own marshmallows and little bags of popcorn they passed out. They had little houses where you could watch some of the artisans work. All that was free with the small admission to the park. We love it there on Christmas eve. Then we come home and watch a movie. A great Christmas eve. Everyody came down Chrsitmas morning. Meme, Papa, Jen, Selena, Scott and Paul. We opened presents and then when we did all that we could do we had breakfast. Breakfast casserole, little smokies, fruit, bubble bread (formerly known as monkey bread but I like that name better) juice, milk and hot chocolate. Playing, napping, then to Meme and Papa's for a superb dinner of brown rice, rare roast, broccili n cauliflour with cheese, rolls, cheesecake... I dont even remember all I ate. It was a wonderful Christmas with the thought in mind it will be our last with just the 3 of us. Trey wont be the baby next year. Our family will have grown. A little twinge of sad. It has been so long with Trey being our focus and beign the baby it is a little sad but its all good.

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