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Friday, February 12, 2010

Let it snow let it snow let it snow!

January - Well we are making memories. Trey went to see his first snow this weekend. Trey and JD picked me up from work Fri and we hit the road. We heard it is supposed to snow in GA. So we are GA bound. We had no real plans other than the plan of will stop where we see snow or get tired. We stopped in Blue ridge GA late at night. It was snowing on us and there was plenty of snow piled up, a few inches. We got a room and of course Trey woke up when we got him out of the car in the cold weather to go into the room. He saw snow and then he was wired. lol. He watched TV all night in the room. The next day we got up and drove to NC and TN. Seeing beautiful snow all the way. We would stop and get out and play when we saw a good spot. Trey loved it. He especially loved being able to throw snowballs at mommy and daddy. We made snow angels and had snowball fights. The only thing we couldnt do was make a snow man. The snow was too powdery. Beautiful but not good for packing together to make snowmen. There was one spot on the mountain coming home from highlands NC where they had a winter wonderland park. Everything you would want to do in the snow. You could ice skate, you could tube down this biiiig hill on a tube in the snow you could ice fish. The little kids couldnt do the big hill but they had a smaller one for them where you pulled them up to the top and pushed them down. Trey loved it. It was all outside and I was freezing but Trey was fine (little heater) and never needed to go inside to warm up. We even stopped by Bass Pro Shops on the way home. It was a great weekend and we had no trouble with the roads. They were all very good. Trey was a champ especially for having to ride so much. I am glad we had the chance to do that for just the 3 of us. I fell in love a little more with my two men on that trip.

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