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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day 2009.

Today was a great day. It was Memorial Day and JD and I both not only had it off but we start our vacation. JD worked on the yard since it is only raining a little bit og every day now instead of the whole entire day. So the yard was to' up from the flo' up so JD worked hard on it and made it pretty. Selena spent the day with us because Jenifer had to work (boooo! we missed her muches but in her absence we learned the girl can make some awesome potatoe casserole! MMmmmmm!!!) Megan, Jimmy, Eric, Jimmy's brother, and Mia cam over and we went to The head springs of Itechucknee. Trey wasnt thrilled about the quite chilly water but we took it slow and got him in for a bit.

Trey loved this little boogie board Jen let him borro. He called it his skateboard. He clung to it and it was the only way we could get him in at all. He looked like a little surfer dude carrying it around.

Then the boys walked down to the dock and we took the kids to a little park they have there at the springs now. IT has some swings and slides and it really nice. So we all played there for a little while. After a little bit we all came to our house and Momma and Daddy and Paul joined us and we had hot dogs and homemade coleslaw and chips and Jen's D-Lish Potatoes, corn on the cob and some cupcakes and other yummies. The boys rode the four wheelers some of played in the yard. Mia and Trey played pirates all day. Mia can come pretty darn close to keeping up with Trey and heaven bless Selena she plays with him constantly and does exactly what he wants. I couldnt ask for a better big sister that I didnt have to give birth to. We all had a great, relaxing day and I am glad I could honor those who have given so much to keep us free with those I love.

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