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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring practice.

Yea I know its already wednesday and I am just now getting to lsat Saturday. Take it or leave it! So anyway JD, Trey and I went to Gainesville to the Gators Spring practice. It was so great!! I suggest anyone do it for their team (if it is like the Gators) it is an experience you must have if you are a fan. It is not in the stadium but the practice field and it is open to the public. There are no stands or seats there is just a long hill where people bring blankets and camp chairs and just watch. The players are relaxed and awesome and are right next to you. It is seriously like you are on the sidelines on a blanket. The players run up past you and you can say good job and they will say "hey thanks" and it is all really informal and nice. The weather was great. Because there are no stadium seats Trey could run around and play on the hill. Trey got a high five from Major Wright. It was like he was in amazement at how huge the man was. Trey was star struck. So was I. I was standing within arms distance of Tebow and yes I behaved myself. He is a very marge man but seemed small because of how gentle he was. We saw him walking into practice and I guess they arent supposed to sign autographs before practice(makes since) and a little boy reached out and tried to hand him a helmet with a sharpie and he just leaned over and patted the boy on the shoulder and said "Sorry I cant sign now but after pracice I will get you ok" JD said I was standing there with my mouth gaped open holding Trey. So from what he said I knew not to try to get an autograph then but we would wait until after practice. Trey whispered "Tebow my Hero" (I taught him that lol) We had taken our Sports Illustrated with him on the cover and a sharpie all in a ziploc gallon bag (hey I know how this stuff gets done, dont mess with me) The practice was supposed to be over at 12:15 and at about 12:40 they were still going strong and trey had not had lunch and was about to fall asleep so I let my love for Trey outweigh my desire to tough Tebow's bicep and get an autograph(dont look so shocked thats insulting!). We left, autographless. I think Trey has caught the fever. Gator fever. He kept wanting to go out on the field and tackle some of those HUGE dudes (If I had let him go I honestly think he would have lol no fear) and the only way we could keep him off the field was to tell him it wasnt his turn (this works amazingly well with him) so off and on her would run up to the white line (that was set as the boundry) and say "Mommy peas it my turn yet?" and I would have to say no not yet. As we were leaving he was exhausted and he got away from JD and ran to a wrought iron fence and grabbed the bars and pressed his little face to it and cried "I want my turn when it my turn?" It wasnt a spoiled bratt fit cry it was a sad longing cry. It was so sad I wish I could have let him run on that field but I have a feeling his turn may be in about 18 years to run on a Florida field all his own. No fear Trey, It's almost your turn.

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Beth said...

Trey is so cute. That's awesome that you got to go and see them up close!