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Monday, March 23, 2009

Let there be light!

And the light was good! Trey and JD (yea mostly JD) got my power to the food storage shed. YAY!! I was quite suprised when I got home last friday and Trey told me he "had sumpin special" for me and took me outside to show me he had helped JD bury the trench they had dug (dont even ask for the phonetic spelling of what he does to the word dig, not exactly pg) I saw that and just assumed he had gotten what ever needed to be laid in the ground down and had covered it up. But then they walked me to the shed and flipped the switch and I had light! *AHHHHHH His next project is to run water to the shed and his barn so it will be close to where we are planting the garden plots. I am so happy to have light out there and actually be moving along with things and getting some things accomplished and checked off the list.

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~*~toni~*~ said...

Sounds wonderful!!!! It snowed last night and, we have a couple more storms on the way!!! Can you believe that?