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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Thankful for ticK bites and mothers intuition.

Why would I be thankful for tick bites? Well stick with me on this one K? Saturday night Trey woke up about 11pm and was crying saying something about his bed. I though it was a dream but pulled the covers back reassured him and laid with him a bit until her went back to sleep. About 1 am he woke up and came into our room. I have learned that when he wakes up more than once inthe night you might as well go ahead and let him get in the bed cause it will be an all night thing. So I did. He was a little restless, but when is he not? About 1:30 am he starts screaming, kicking, saying something about bugs. I thought great here we go with another night terror, ut this was different. He was not irrational he was just in pain and scared. So I turned on the lights and stood him up and pulled has pants down just to reassure him again as he was swatting at his crotch area. I saw a small, tiny, dot that looked like a spec of dirt just to the right of his pe-pe (you either have to be in the swamp party group or have seen "multiplicity" to get that one, but I am referring to his penis). I tried to brush it off a few ties but it would go so I thought it was stuck on with sweat or something so took my fingernail and tried to scrape it off and when I did I saw the tiny (and I mean tiny)little legs. It was the tiniest little seed tick I have ever (barely) seen. So what to do? Iknew you are supposed to take a hot match head and get the tick to let go of the skin himself so you dont leave the head on the tick in but I didnt think it was a good idea to try to hold a hot match head over the penis of a 2 1/2 yr old (I will not say 3 until I have to he's growing up to fast as it is lol) while he is screaming bloody murder and thrashing like a banshee while being held down by 2 sleepy and groggy grown people after being awakened by something sticking it's stinger inches away from his penis at 1 am. Yea not a good idea. So I did the best I could with a pair of tweezers and of course the little devil had a good grasp. So I lef the head in. ugh. Stress. So we looked it up on the computer to see if there was anyway we could get it out. Nope. It said there wasnt much of a risk but to watch him for headache and fever for the next approx 30 days and watch the site for redness and other red spots near the site. So that was sat night (early morning). Sundy he felt alittle warm and was a little cranky and didnt eat much and was saying his head hurt. GREAT. He was getting a nasty little cough too. So Sunday night he had a fever of about 101.6. Monday morning he was fine a little warm but not worth taking his temp. He acted fine. Still with the cough. Worse at night. I called daycare during the day and told them about the tick and to help me watch him and they said he was playing and acting fine but of course had told them about the bite. (He can carry on a conversation with a brick wall! lol) So monday night he had another fever of 101.8 and didnt eat anything and slept through dinner and was cranky. He ate some popcorn but threw it all up. I think it was all phlem that made him throw up not a stomach thing. He told me he needed to throw up and I took him to the kitchen (thinking he wasnt really going to throw up cause he was holding it fine) he leaned over the sink and calmly threw up every bite of popcorn he had eaten. *sigh* I had to keep JD from throwing up. (vomit is the one thing he cant deal with. lol great. When he was done he said "mommy I done" and he was done. He still had a fever and was coughing though. He slept well but was warm when I checked on him during the night. This morning he woke up and told me he was sick and didnt feel good and he ws hot. SO with the tick bite and the fever coming righ behind it JD and I decided it would be better safe than sorry and daycare wouldnt take him if he had a fever plus he didnt feel like going. So he stayed home with papa and Papa took him to the Dr. I met them up there and guess what. He has Pneumonia. PNEUMONIA. Can you believe it? He went from fine to pneumonia. Thankfully I listened to that mothers intuition and took him on in instead of waiting it out becasue the Dr. said it was caught in the beginning and the crackle he heard was only in one lung and one small section so he wouldnt need a chest x ray or anything more unless he doesnt get better or gets worse. He gave us an antibiotic that would be good for the pneumonia and for any issue the tick might have caused (which he didnt think there was an issue but since he was giving me an antibiotic be might as well give me one good for all of it). Now see why I am thankful for the tick bite? I would not have taken him into the Dr. for what I thought was a cold if it hadnt been right after the tick bite. The fever after the tick made me nervous. So I am thankful for Heavenly Fathers help to this dumb mommy in the way of a tick smaller than a mustard seed. He's doing good though. We caught it pretty quick and there was no need for a chest x ray because we caught it so early. So he is a champ and a trooper.


~*~toni~*~ said...

Wow! I didn't know the poor little dude was sick!!!! I hope he's feelin' better!!!!

Aunt Beth said...

OH NO! Well that makes sense since he wouldn't eat Sunday at Wayne's birthday party. I am so sorry that he has been so sick. I do hope he his on his way to getting well. I know he is in good hands with Papa & Meme!
Give him a get well kiss for me.

Lisa S. Luckey said...

I hope he's feeling better soon. Poor little guy.