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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Today was historical. I am not pleased with the fact that Obama is now the President of the United States (which will hereby be known as POTUS on this post) but it was a historical day in our countries history and I want Trey to know he was alive when it occured. Today the first African American was sworn in as POTUS. I am thankful to my Heavenly Father that I live in a country that has a peaceful exchange of power. I do not have to worry about the incumbent surrounding the White House with tanks in hopes of a coupe. It was a beautiful, classy (except for some unclassy folks booing George Bush and singing " na na na na hey hey hey good bye" that was wrong, shameful and pitiful.) traditional filled event that I was proud to watch. Trey was 2 1/2 years old when this occured and I want him to know and appreciate it for what it was a peaceful exchange of power in a turbulent, hard world. Trey you can be anything you desire if you want it bad enough, work hard, live so that Heavenly Father can bless you with righteous desires and try hard enough. I Pray for Obama and his family. I pray for us and for future generations. We are in some very difficult times and there are many more to come I pray President Obama will gather strength from a good source to be able to see us all through them. Trey today was a historical day and you were alive when it happened.


Janice said...


How nice of you to put this in such a way. I wish everyone thought that way instead of the "I'm right and you are wrong" and I mean this from both sides. Enjoy your blog. Thanks for letting me blogstalk you. Hope your bite is doing better.

Janice in Virginia

rubyjade said...

Nice post! I enjoyed it too. It's really neat to see historical events take place. And, I agree the Bush booing was completely uncalled for. I don't agree with Bush politics, but I do believe a POTUS (good thinking on that one, it's such a time saver) should be shown respect.